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I will now be uploading a few of my track races/high jumping on my youtube :3 They have music and the high jump is in slow motion you should totes check it out :thumbsup:

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(Note: The <> indicate something I'm not sure about or do not have a reason for)

Name: Annora <Lastname>

Current Age: 18

H/C: Blonde, in messy bun

E/C: Icy blue

Normal Outfit: Long black leather coat with high collar. Underneath- black tank top, pants, and combat boots (She keeps a picture of her mother inside the coat)

Weapon: Orange power gloves (??? gotta be a better word for that)

DoB: April 19 (Aries)

Personaility: Stubborn, hard-headed

Guilty Pleasures: Nature and star-gazing

Backstory: Annora was about <9-12> years old when <the accident> happened. This event gave several random people special powers which allowed them to create weapons out of light <Sort of like the one pictured>. These beings could create and vanish their weapons as they pleased. Some people were thrown from society and seen as monsters in their homes. Annora saw how people were reacting to the situation, and feared they would do the same to her. The child ran out to live on her own in a nearby dense forest <Her mother died because of the accident>.

She became accompanied to forest like and soon met other people like herself, the first being a boy whose weapon of choice was a blue sword. (Each person had their own color of light.) Annora’s weapon of choice is something like orange gauntlets/power gloves (just imagine SU!Garnet’s gloves). As the two met more and more people, Annora soon created a camp with her as the leader and the boy as the second in command. The girl helped train the campers (or soldiers) to fight with their powers, but nothing too intense. She was pure, with happiness. All was right in the world as she was happy to have given a home to those who lack one. She has never felt betrayal.

One of the additions to the camp was a boy named Damien, near the same age as Annora (They’re about 14 at the time). The black-haired boy (tbh I imagine him as Kuroo of Haikyu!!) soon entranced her with his charm and she fell in love. The two began to date and she was even more happy. Damien’s color was red, with his weapon being that of an axe.

About two years had past since they began to date. She was still madly in love. However, Damien wasn’t pleased enough. He wished to take things further was Annora, as a means to sleep with her. She refused and stated she wasn’t ready. Damien accepted that and she was relieved. Later that week she stopped by Damien’s tent, only to find him in the middle of something with another girl. Annora snapped and cried, full of sadness and anger. She removed the two from her camp permanently. Things were about to change.

The girl became colder and stricter. Damien had given her trust issues. A new rule was made declaring no dating, stating that it distracted those who did from their training. The soldiers began to dislike Annora, but they had nowhere else to go. They talked badly of her behind her back. Training became harsher as a new threat grew somewhere off in the distance. The new threat was Xenon Corp. (or just Xenon) whose main goal was <idk but something bad to do with the powered peeps>. One of their main goals was to capture Annora <again, working on why>.

Annora trained herself for hours, sometimes losing sleep and skipping meals. The stress from running a camp and Xenon gave her stress cardiomyopathy (basically issues with her heart including chest pain). She never goes to medic when it’s needed, insisting she needs such time to better herself.

By the time she was 18 some new soldiers had become inducted. One of the few was a rather attractive boy named Avrial, whose weapon was a green shield that matched his eyes. Avrial hadn’t lacked a home but had required a mission. He’s a spy sent from Xenon to swoon Annora and get her back to headquarters. Avrial is a cocky, slightly self-centered brunette who is a great fight. Despite that he can focus and be serious when needed. He ends up annoying Annora to no end with his flirtatious attempts and she ends up challenging him to a fight. The boy wins rather easily with skills that terrify Annora.
OC- Annora -Bio-
RPs are open :3 The ones I usually do involve me playing as Annora and the other as Avrial, starting at the point where Avrial joins the camp.
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I will now be uploading a few of my track races/high jumping on my youtube :3 They have music and the high jump is in slow motion you should totes check it out :thumbsup:

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Question for ya, I saw your little caption under your icon up there and it read, "Anime Midwest" are ya going to cosplay? Or something? Just curious =3= 
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Alison-Earth-Ninja Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
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